Sunday, August 1, 2010

In Reykyavik

ENG: It's LouPhi. I hitchhiked today to Reykyavik after waiting 1h30 on the ring road. I am staying at the salvation army (where I met a Belgian friend of Pierre Soete, see last years' Everest expedition). I will put photos ad add text to the previous posts early August, stay tuned. I am very skinny but will fid a scale to know how much I've lost. I will also upload the entire GPS route (700 points or so) on my main website for download. Arriving in the capital, I was already in the news (online) as someone would have followed the blog. Tomorrow I will go to RUV TV studio for giving video and interview. I expect to meet Halldor Kvaran and the pulkahut then take the plane and arrive in Paris at 6.30 am on Monday and at work at 10 in Brussels. Thanks for all comments, I will reply later.
I ate almost nothing yesterday night (100gr of chocolate left) but today my breakfast at 1pm consisted of 5 snickers + 1 foot long subway + 6inch inch subway sandwich.

I have a lot of surprises and stunning HD video and photos. Winter possible ? maybe, I'll have to try but with equipment and sponsors. No more glaciers without crampons, promised !


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