Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dangers of this expedition

ENG: So, what are all these little problems and dangers that I'll face during these both trips ? Regardless of the season here's an idea:
  • Storms : rain, snow, sand.
  • Cold: freezing temperatures with . Add the windchill...
  • Flash flooding: crossing rivers or quick melting of a glacier
  • Sun: in the summer if I'm close to icecaps in nice weather without sunglasses, there's a risk of becoming snowblind. Something that already happened to me in New Zealand in 2004.
  • Ice and crevasses, I will normally not be on the glaciers to avoid this risk
  • Deep snow = slow and cold
  • Not enough food, not enough fuel=not enough water
  • Failure of fuel/gas stove = no water, no food.
  • Fire in the tent.
  • Whiteouts and "blackouts" = no visibility
  • Battery failure, dead batteries = no electricity for GPS or Sattelite Phone.
  • Avalanches
  • Volcano eruption, earthquake: I hope not otherwise I'm pretty F***ed
  • [more to come]

FRA: à traduire

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