Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cameron McPherson Smith

ENG: Mid-2007, I discovered the SOLOICE expedition's site of Cameron Smith. I was impressed by Cameron's determination to cross Europe's largest glacier, the Vatnajökull as it took him 4 attempts to make it across. Also with Icelander Halldór Kvaran, he built the "Sled-hut" a new kind of pulka that allows fast setup to sleep inside of it without the need of a tent. These are the brilliant creative ideas I like to overcome problems and aiming at bagging a world first. Most of adventures on the ice involve breaking an age or speed record. In my opinion, true exploration is bringing something new in terms of concept, route, science or pioneering in a remote or not often seen area. This is exactly why I like Cameron's expeditions. I contacted him in September and he's been already providing advices. On my personal blog I made a draft based on the Sled-hut with some explanation and a design about another livable sled from a Brazilian adventurer Julio Fiadi. I call it the sleeppulka.

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